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Wednesday, November 01, 2006



Why would Congressman Clyburn care? He's tried repeatedly to have abortions performed in military hospitals, using federal money. He helped get Terry Schiavo killed by blocking review. He's voted against the fence, military assistance at our borders, & anything to help track illegals. He would honor those vets more by staying home (where he could continue helping minors get abortions without mom & dad's consent).

Sen Graham is dead on with Clyburn on immigration, but he's solidly pro-life. I wish he'd go pro-abortion, 'cause it galls me to vote FOR a spineless sissy. They could both hang out with Jim DeMint instead, & see how a man acts.


That's perhaps the most hilarious thing I've ever read, Skyhook. I must admit that I am not fan of Clyburn. I've been to DC twice to meet with him (I had actual appointments both times) and he sent one of his interns to let me know he was not available. How very considerate...

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