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Monday, October 23, 2006



This was a very enlightening debate...too bad more people didn't attend (including the 4 candidates who were absent).

Andy Paras

Check in a little later tonight or tomorrow. I'll have some news, notes and observations about the debate in a little while. - Andy


Great debate. We need to leave the nine candidates alone now. My vote is still with John and Wayne. Good luck to Alroy and Paul, either one of you guys will be great. Sorry Mrs Farris you got to show up to the school board meetings, not just debates to get our vote.

Andy Paras

This is Andy Paras, sending along a message from District 4 Trustee Rachel Farris. Rachel's having difficulty gaining access to make a comment so she has asked me via email to post this on her behalf:

I have shown up for a vast majority of 8 years worth of board meetings. In March of 2005 my mother, Ruby Dodd, was diagnosed with lung cancer and subsequently had 1/3 of her lung removed, and then the long ordeal with chemo. During that time, I was the primary caregiver, at first 24 hours a day. For several months I missed a lot more than board meetings. I not only have shown up for most of the 8 yrs. of board meetings, but have also shown up for numerous other special board meetings, additional meetings beyond the 2 per month called when necessary, and numerous workshops and seminars put on by the South Carolina School Boards Association. These "pre-election" debates and forums are the tip of the iceburg of the hundreds of hours I have devoted to our County School District, not to mention all the personal expenses and costs my family and I endure when we really don't have it. I apologize for coming on so strong. I guess this election is getting to me. I'll really be glad when it's over. I try not to let myself take things personally but sometimes it's hard. .

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