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Wednesday, October 04, 2006



While I live in Cottageville, & would benefit personally from $90 million to be spent, it is rightfully the taxpayers who should decide (so I oppose the loan without a referendum). Paul Haas has said that he will listen to us & evaluate the loan after he has all of the data if elected (If you recall, Crosby has had issues with getting all of the data, & he's chairman of the board),& I believe him. Paul's a very decent, solid, Christian guy. He's a good neighbor & a good cop. Cottageville is blessed to have him, & Colleton County could do a lot worse.


Chairman Crosby was the only board member who had "issues with getting all of the data" in regard to the "loan". The rest of the board received "the data". I read it, though it took a while. Anyone who wants "the data" can get it by going over to the district office, or by calling 549-5114 they may be able to email it, just ask and see. I think most people probably aren't interested in the "tons" of "data" I receive and read every week but it is available to everyone. A lot of information is on the website Certainly all the candidates should make an effort to read as much as possible before the election. They may change their minds about running. I would be the last to blame them. It takes a tremendous amount of time and effort. The meetings take up the least amount of that time, but that is what the public sees. Ask the family of any board member about the sacrifices to get a true dose of reality. I am willing and my family is willing but it is really hard sometimes.

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