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Thursday, October 05, 2006



Why don't they skip land purchasing and put the highschool up where we already own land. Say like that failed attempt of an industrial area around I-95's Exit 62?

Good grief...my family sold over 100 acres and only got a little over $300K and that included a 3000 sq. home and other structures. I'm thinking we should have held out.


That is an excellent idea Cooper. Is there even enough land there for a high school? While it may be a bit premature to say that the commerce park on Mcleod Road has "failed", we as taxpayers must ask how hard the county is working to locate businesses there. It certainly smells like a boondoggle at this point and lots of folks around the county have been voicing their displeasure. Perhaps it is time for new blood on the economic development board (or a new director), as it is apparent the current crowd just isn't getting the job done.


You two make way too much sense. Exit 62 would make a great location for a new school, It is the only Exit in Colleton County we haven't screwed up yet. But I am sure it will be full of Fireworks stands and Trailer parks before too long.


Actually, Ranger, shortly before he left I spoke with our former county planner (fine fellow....intelligent and forward-thinking....wish he was still here) and asked him about that area. He told me that it had already been zoned to keep those very things OUT. All utilities are to be buried and the signage will be "monument style", which is what you see when you go into well planned, newer developments in Charleston and Beaufort counties.

It will one day be nice to have a route for people to get into Walterboro without being bombarded with garish firework stands, trailer parks and flashing neon signs. I am surprised nothing has popped up on that exit yet. It has the potential to be a showpiece if county leaders don't screw it up....either by doing nothing (as they currently are) or the wrong things, (as they have time and again in the past). We shall see...


I would think that there is plenty of land available there for a highschool and sports complex. If it's big enough for industry, why not a school?

Another plus is that though is may not be in the very center of the county, it's right off of I-95, which is fairly convenient for folks like me who take 95 to and from work every day.

It just doesn't make sense that this land is not being utilized yet we're paying for the landscaping, lights and taxes. The County needs to look at what is has before it looks at what it doesn't or what it wants.

Waste not, want not.


Does anyone know who the property was purchased from?


Which property? The land for the high school or the land for the industrial development? It's a fairly simple process to figure out. All you need to do is go to the RMC, pull the map, reference the TMS to the owner listed and that should give you previous deed records.


Thanks for the advice Cooper. Given the fact that I am in Miami that is not feasible. Any other suggestions?

I was referring to the property for the school.


FreeColleton, the paper stated that the property being purchased for the new high school is owned by the McLeod and Unger families. Looks to me like they are making a killing at over 14k an acre....which is only about 10k an acre over fair market value.


Free: I'll be happy to do the leg work if you need more than Concerned gave you.


Thanks for that info Cooper, and I appreciate your offer Concerned. I was actually just very curious.

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