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Wednesday, September 20, 2006



No other board member needed to respond to my request to expand the search for property. Mr. Gale wil check the latest statistics and get back with us with answers as well as additional properties to consider. This would be his normal procedure with any board member's request.
I checked out the info on our website re facilities plan. Pretty good stuff but the powerpoint needs audio to be really great. I've got a call in to Mr. Gale to suggest that.
Anyone who would like to ask questions of me, please do so. Just remember my "typing disability"!!!
Rachel Farris


Does anyone read this? Maybe just you and me!!!
Rachel Farris

Andy Paras

It's been getting quite a few hits, but to be honest with you, I haven't even been reading it the latter part of last week because I've been ill.

Hopefully I will be cleared to come back to work Monday and we can get some more stories in the paper and in the blog. - Andy


Hope you are better. I hate to be sick any time but especially in hot weather. Talk about "HOT", you should have been at the Taxpayers Assn. meeting last night. It was difficult for me. I had a hard time putting the info "in my head" into words. I wish I could just tell people that I'm honest, will never lie to them and will help them get the correct info even if they disagree with it. If people would believe that and nothing else about me, I would be satisfied. I hope that, if I am not re-elected, I will be able to educate the public with the correct and true information about the facilities plan and anything else about which they have questions. My phone number, address, and email address are on the school district web site.
If I don't answer the phone, a message can be left and, as you know,I do call back!
This is the most typing I've EVER done. Cool!! I think I may be getting the hang of it!!! And it only took me 3 hours!!!
Always your friend,


Mrs. Farris,
A new high school in Cottageville? A very interesting idea. I would be curious to see what the effects would be to build 2 smaller high schools, 1 in Cottageville and 1 in Walterboro instead of just 1 in Walterboro (maybe even added a 3rd HS in Ruffin?). I think sometimes we are too concerned with having a "big" high school than having a succesful school system.


Panther, I agree. at the least Cottageville and Walterboro. We consolidated originally because the last referendum failed and the justice department required that we provide equal everything-structure,courses,etc. and cost kept getting bigger and bigger, we were busing kids from Ruffin to Walt.HS for one course etc., then the kids weren't receiving equal school hours. Finally, consolidation was the only way.


I am new to the Cottageville area and have heard they are building a new Elementary school. Now I read talk about a new high school, is that something that is seriously being considered? I think it will be necessary for Cottageville to have a middle school and high school probably within the next 5-10 years as growth seems to be moving this way. Can you give me some more info on all this "talk" should I get my hopes up or not?

Andy Paras

Welcome, Mel.

Wow, you must be new. The answer to your question is yes, it is seriously being considered ... by the Supreme Court, no less.

I can't give you all the background right now but what I did do was create a new "categories" item on your left called "schools." Hopefully this will allow anyone new to catch up on this topic.

Just click on "schools" beneath "Categories" and you will see just about every post I've had on schools, starting (from the bottom) with Superintendent Charles Gale's $90 million proposal and ending where it is now, being considered by the court..

If there's a certain story you want to read, feel free to search the Post and Courier's main website at charleston.net. Otherwise, I'm sure some of the frequent posters here would love to school you on what they think of the plans to build a new high school. Hope that helps - Andy Paras

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