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Wednesday, August 16, 2006



SC Highway Patrol is just doing their job, serving the public trust by thoroughly investigating a crash. Also, DUI is a legal offense, & Andy Savage is a local demagogue for those falsely accused (& especially those correctly accused who have $$$$$). That said, I suspect that the Mayor & his family have a long road ahead of them, regardless of how this came to be.

It is enough, in my mind, to continue to pray for my neighbor, & to faithfully hold those in authority accountable. These are the principles for which our fathers died, & our sons serve. May God bless the Mayor's recovery, & damn those who use any public office for personal gain.


I do wish that the Mayor will have a quick recovery. I do also believe that it is time for him to step down. The incidents outside of his office have distracted from that. If he is a man of honor he will step down and remove himself and the town of Cottageville from further ridicule. I wish him a speedy recovery and the best of luck in his future.

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