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Wednesday, August 02, 2006



I still find it hard to believe that law enforcement would charge the mayor with DUI in the absence of incontrovertible physical evidence. It is shameful and could probably be used in a defamation suit. Hopefully Bert's health will improve and he can get past this unfortunate accident.

I might add, I have known him since he was a child and I have always found him to be honest and a straight shooter in both his personal and professional life. It is a damned shame that a man's name could needlessly be dragged through the mud like this but that seems to be the way this society is heading...

lowcountry lady

Hopefully this incident will serve as a wake up call to some of our over zealous law enforcement officers that seem to be more concerned with making a big arrest than properly handling an accident scene. We shoud all hope that we would be given a basic field sobriety test or a blood alcohol test before being charged with driving under the influence. I imagine the image of "Mayor Charged with DUI " on the front page of the paper is just too much for some to resist. It seems some of our public officials are all too anxious to make a name for themselves at the expense of someone else's hard earned reputation.


Had Bert not messed himself up so badly in this accident, I would almost find these comments laughable. In my opinion, the entire point has nothing to do with the fact that the Mayor has been charged with DUI. It is simply the fact that everything that he does is constantly swept under the rug. Everything. Get a speeding ticket for 50 miles over the limit... under the rug... don't pay 7 ticket for speeding... under the rug... God forbid he actually be charged for his criminal activities, pay a fine and perhaps save a life. Anyone that had been coming down the road that night could have been easily killed by a mayor that has yet to be charged fully for being a driving incompetent.

Don't get me wrong, I have complete sympathy for his family. However, Bert's self-destructive behavior and the town of Cottageville's complete denial that he is about as unethical a mayor as ever has set foot in that crooked little speedtrap of a town is ridiculous. Half of the town council are made up of either his family, friends or employees. The business dealings involving the school land sale in Cottageville involve land that one of his "corporations" owns. Town Councilman Ramsey is in Reeve's backpocket, but I suppose I would be to if Reeves took care of me on the job the way that he does and promoted me to a supervisor. Not only is Bert a menance on the road, he is unethical.

Good going, Cottageville. You're setting a great example.


Laughable? The mayor is fighting for his life and you are whining about speeding tickets? I am not defending his driving record but THE point here is that no one but Bert was hurt in this accident and it looks like he was charged with a crime on the basis of zero evidence.

Obviously you have an axe to grind with the mayor and you are enjoying the convenience of internet anonymity but you are making some pretty serious accusations in your second paragraph. Confusing personal opinion with fact has landed many a man in hot water.


Actually, it looks like you missed the point. THE point has nothing to do with him being hurt in an accident. THE point has to do the town of Cottageville paying his legal expenses or not. So with that, perhaps I should have posted these comments under a different heading. For that, I am at fault. However, one can also make some inference from your own posting.

First, by reading your first post, one can easily see are a life long friend of the mayor, which I feel further supports my second paragraph's comment of unethical activities. Perhaps you are politically involved with him, perhaps not... that was not my point. However, it doesn't strike you as the least little bit unethical that an employee of the mayor also serves on the county council with the mayor? I doubt many can honestly say they would go against the same person that pays them each week.

We won't even get into the relationship of the others on the town council.

Perhaps no one but Bert was injured, just as you state, but perhaps that is only because no one else was on the same road that evening. Given the history of his driving record as reported in the media, I don't feel that he was suddenly a responsible driver on the evening of the accident.

Finally, yes, I do enjoy my "internet anonymity". I see that you are also enjoying its convenience.

I never once said I didn't feel any sympathy for his family. However, I do think this could have all been prevented. I also think that should he be capable of returning to this position that he should step down from office.


Mergatroid...it's obvious that reading comprehension is NOT your strong suit, if indeed you have one.

Your words, in response to my post:

"Actually, it looks like you missed the point. THE point has nothing to do with him being hurt in an accident. THE point has to do the town of Cottageville paying his legal expenses or not."

The TITLE of this article is..."Attorney: Town not footing DUI bill", Einstein. Is that not clear enough for you?

Your compassion and concern (or, again, in your words "sympathy for his family") is admirable, but perhaps you could wait until the man comes out of his coma before you publicly attack him and ask that he resign his position.


"..it's obvious that reading comprehension is NOT your strong suit, if indeed you have one."

It would seem that since you are beginning to attack me by name calling, etc. that you have nothing intelligent to further post on this argument. Therefore, should you post again, you can have the last word.

It is my assumption that the last word is more of a big deal to you than it is to me. However, most of your arguments on this site seem so poorly written that I'll probably have to tie my hands down to keep from responding.

Peace, ConcernedColletonian.

lowcountry lady

A call for peace from the same man who uses another's unfortunate ACCIDENT to go on the attack? Whining about name calling by the same person who called a critically injured man "a driving incompetent" and "about as unethical a mayor as ever has set foot in that crooked little speedtrap of a town"? It takes a pathetic little man to behave in this manner when he knows his opponent is physically unable to respond. Fortunately Mayor Reeves has friends that are willing to stand up for him and defend his character while he recuperates. You should hope that you have conducted yourself in your personal and professional life in a manner that would compel others to come to your defense, were you in his position.

This is hardly the time or the place to take up past grievances or grudges. You obviously have a personal vendetta with Mayor Reeves. Could it be from a prior lost election, or a business deal gone south? Either way, get over it and act like a man with class and show some respect to someone who is fighting for his life.

Andy Paras

Hi everyone. This is Andy.

Thanks for taking advantage of the comment section. I think it's a great tool for readers to give their opinions on important county issues.

I know this topic especially is emotional for some people and I ask that everyone continue to keep their language clean and to treat others with respect and courtesy when making a comment.

As a general ground rule, foul language and threatening remarks won't be tolerated.

So far, I haven't struck any comments for inappropriate remarks and I don't want to.

Thanks again, and I encourage you to tell me how we can make this site better. - Andy


Andy, you obviously have a problem with Bert that you need to address. If you researched any law enforcement actions, you would know that anytime a wreck happens and someone is acting strange (as with a head injury) and there is ANY question, charges are often made because the charges are easier to drop when test results come in than to have to figure out a way to charge them later! The negative press that has been promoted concerning Bert has been deplorable!! If you go searching for negative information on people - it can be found and I'm sure that there are some things in your past that you would prefer to keep quiet about!

Andy Paras

I have absolutely no problem with Mayor Reeves. I sincerely hope he has a full recovery and that his family is doing OK.

Never in our stories have we implied he is guilty of DUI. One, that's not balanced journalism and two, there are way too many unknowns in this case.

All we've done in that respect is printed the fact he was charged - and the town attorney's assertion that he was wrongly charged.

It seems like you're arguing even that was too much. I work for a newspaper, we've got to report the facts as we get them.

In the long run, I think it's important to remember that he's innocent until proven guilty and that there's really no point in arguing his guilt or innocence unless you happen to be his attorney or the solicitor.

I don't know what the Highway Patrol evidence is and, I suspect, neither do you. We'll just have to wait and see. - Andy

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