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Tuesday, July 11, 2006



More taxes. Just what we want to hear after they've been raised again for school personnel. Frankly, I think that Mr. Gale's salary should be reduced to something more along the lines of what an average Colleton County citizen is making. Then he'll understand why we are so strongly opposed to everything he proposes. Further, I do not understand why a building which is already a school needs a half-million dollars to turn it into...you guessed it... a school. They might as well turn the high school into low income housing, since that's where most of us will be after paying taxes, mortgages, and insurance. Get a grip, Mr. Gale.


I am curious about those who are opposed to this plan to update and upgrade school facilities. Have they been in, visited, or even volunteered in any or all the schools in Colleton County? Granted, all is done to provide a safe and caring learning environment so children can succeed and learn. Are the children and the staff who teach and care for them not worth the investment? Any school district that is desirable and successful has the kind of facilities and staff that Mr. Gale is striving for. Desirable school districts attract industry, which provide jobs, which in turn boosts local economy. This investment is a need in Colleton County! Those who are opposed, do you have any ideas on how to improve schools without money? It is very easy to point out what is wrong with ideas on how to improve but what about other solutions? Thanks to those who at least seek a solution!


Investment in schools is needed. Although I find Dr. Gale's vision heartening, anyone who has been in Forest Hills Elementary or Colleton Middle will find that those facilities are among the poorest in our region. Replacing these schools that were built in the 50's by building new elementary schools and middle schools would be much more prudent and likely cheaper than replacing a highshool that is newer, in much better shape, and could be more easily upgraded.


No one likes taxes being raised (even to fund public education) but the simple fact is that we in Colleton County are falling behind while communities near us are surging ahead. Quality education is a big part of the economic puzzle and it is, for the most part, woefully absent here. Sitting on our hands while our schools crumble and children fall behind, all the while watching areas near us (Bluffton, for example) will only doom us to future mediocrity. Something must be done and it must be done now. Kudos to councilman Murdaugh, Mr. Gale and Mr. Arnotti for having the foresight to attack this problem.

I'll close by saying that one never knows the countless variables that keep an industry from locating in an area, but the site selection team from Google surely didn't leave Colleton thinking "Gee, I sure wish my children had attended school there". Sometimes you just have to call it what it is...


So, the school "environment" is to blame for our children's poor performances? Give me a break. It all starts at home, and given the crime reports we all read in the local paper, our parents aren't doing their job.

As for this "great" plan that has just passed, I'd like to know why you are punishing property owners only. This should have been put up for referendum for a consumption tax...an increase in sales tax. This spreads the cost among everyone...not just the poor schmucks who own property and work to pay the mortgage, insurance, and taxes.

I'm strongly considering moving at this point, as I cannot afford to continue paying additional taxes. The income here is too low to support the actual cost of living, and I cannot pay for something now that I may not see a return on later.

I think I'll stay long enough for the next election. I wouldn't want to leave a mess for future residents to have to deal with.


Based on what comes out of the local paper no one would come here, but that is because 75% of what the local paper does is read the crime blotter and throw it on the front page. It is not truly representative of the society in Walterboro. But that is a different topic.

Moving is certainly an alternative but you are going to need to move a long ways from the lowcountry to get out of paying taxes. If you want to attract business and industry to Colleton you better start improving the schools. Our neighbors are running away from us in school facilities. Bluffton, Beaufort, Jasper all have new schools or schools under construction. It is about time Colleton gets in the ball game. This is a small investment compared to the possible returns it will have in our local economy.


That is precisely spot-0n, JKGriffin. We cannot expect to recruit quality economic development in Colleton when one of the first things visitng company executives consider is how far away they will have to send their children to receive a quality education. Schools built during segregation hardly send the right message...


I really cannot fathom how better school buildings will attract more industry. And what in the world does a school being built during segreation have to do with anything. I don't remember having bathrooms for whites or blacks only at WHS. Beside that, if the industries moving in are really that concerned with getting a premium eduction for their children, they'll look to send their kids to private school here, cause as far as I see it, better buildings don't mean better education.

P.S. I'm not looking to getting out of paying taxes, but I am looking for a government that taxes everyone...not just property owners.


By the way...you can build 10 Super WalMart Centers with the money the schoolboard requested. And they're open 24/7.

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